How long will it take for my rod to arrive?

Between 2 and 6 weeks depending on when you place your order.

Why should I buy from you rather than import myself?

  1. Peace of mind. No stress or questions about VAT, fees or problems with the item itself.
  2. We can talk prior to your purchase to ensure you go for a rod that really suits your needs.
  3. Consistent monthly deliveries so you know when your item will be arriving (middle of every month).
  4. Following your order, professional help all along the way from a long established and trusted UK lure fishing retailer.
    1. Regular updates on courier progress so you'll know where your item is at all times (on its way to the UK).
    2. All rods inspected for damage on arrival with me to save you the hassle or cost of returns.
    3. Tracking info provided within the UK so that you can follow the rod to your door.
    4. I always welcome your feedback to help me improve the service.
  5. A solid UK warranty on an item that you'd usually be buying at your own risk - unique AOF card provided, just for you.
  6. With your rod you'll receive a special "import customer only" discount that you can use for items on the main website ( or in the shop.

I've seen a rod for £xxx in Japan. Why are you £100 more expensive?

It's always important to remember that prices quoted by tackle shops outside of the EU will not include VAT. You'll be asked to pay this by Customs when it arrives in the UK. They will also add 3.5% Duties. You may even be unlucky enough to be stung by a fixed "admin" fee, depending on who the courier is. When looking at price directly, also remember that the current XE currency exchange rate is not a great conversion method as your card company will add a small percentage for the transaction (1-2%). Prices can rise considerably on what initially looks like a bargain.

What if my rod arrives damaged?

All items will leave me here in solid plastic tubes. I carefully inspect all imported rods personally before shipping to ensure no wasted shipments or issues further down the line. However, if you are concerned about an item that has been delivered to you - whether I've missed a manufacturing fault or the courier has damaged it - notify me straight away and I will immediately source replacement parts.

Does this mean that you won't be stocking rods in the shop?

Definitely not. The shop stock and range will do nothing but grow. The benefits of offering this import service are not only felt by customers and will ensure a more regular and interesting range of rods for the shop too!

Ben, you suck and this is a rubbish idea. I've never had any problems buying from Japan (or anywhere else). 

That's great! I've bought a lot direct from Japan myself over the years and apart from the customs bits I never had any issues. Luckily I never had any accidents or broke a rod. I'm just offering this service to anybody who wants to do away with the searching, potential complications or fear of buying from abroad. It's not mandatory and I've no expectations.

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